Friday, 15 February 2013

Microhard in few words

Microhard has developed specific short and long term goals and strategies to remain successful in the industry. A major area of focus is the continuing expansion of the marketing and product presence in India, MEA and ASEAN countries. Microhard will continue to enhance the existing products, as well as develop new ones, with continued emphasis on growing the channel partner business and building upon existing relationships.

Microhard areas of focus: 
Improve and enhance our current product offering for Linux market, as well as Red Hat compatibility.
Continued development of support for Microsoft based products.
Increase the number of nationwide channel partners and build upon the existing relationships.
Continue product training to improve product and industry knowledge level for all employees.
Hire Software Developers to improve product "go to market" strategies.

Virtually every organization and every CIO, therefore, share a common and substantial agenda: reduce and manage costs, optimize and deliver the right service levels by application, and provide the right level of software - or in today’s business vernacular, "do more with less" - which is where Microhard software products fits into the corporate IT structure. Achieving this goal requires putting the right software product in place and managing the product to continually deliver optimized results.